Why do people fall in love with Central Vietnam?


There are many reasons to fall in love with Central Vietnam. the place is not only famous for the delicious specialties, sacred pagoda system, but also for the local people.

Central people are humorous, rustic and soulful.

This small land is said to be a bridge connecting the two ends of the country, where annually has to face floods and droughts. Perhaps so the Central people become humorous, optimistic to forget their hard time.

Mourning, weddings of the Central people are not expensive as the family members and neighbors next to each other together prepare for the ceremony. Different from the house built in the city, in the Central, building a house only takes a little money because they always help each other to build by themselves.

Have you heard people from Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Quang Binh, Quang Tri talk? In the Central, each province is a different “voice specialty”. If you are unfamiliar with it when in the Central, you may need a translator.

The people of each province in Central Vietnam also talk to each other in different one like quarrels if they don’t get used to it.

The Central girls are also special. They have the tenderness of the North girl, the sweetness of the girl in the South. But the girl of the Central is something very strange, gentle and tender enough to not become mesmerizing, sweet enough to not flirty, sharp personality just enough to know how to love her husband but not independent. Perhaps it is the central part of the country where the sun and the wind are so strong make the girls so brave.

One-of-the-kind culinary specialties.

Talking about Central food is talking about the idyllic, rustic but with their own taste that cannot find anywhere else. Central food was created and collected from the hardships of the poor land, but still, bear the Vietnamese taste and handed down to all parts of the country.

Who has eaten flat steamed rice dumpling, round-shaped steamed rice cake, Hue beef noodle? Who used to eat Quang noodle, Quy Nhon fish bun noodle, Ninh Hoa nem, Binh Dinh District market nem, sticky rice dumpling, coconut rice paper? Who has ever enjoyed Nha Trang fish noodle, Hoi An chicken rice, etc? Talk about food, the Central is a colorful treasure that not everyone has the opportunity to experience it all.

The central cuisine is characterized by two taste which is sour and spicy representing for the bitter life that the Central people have to bear. At first, those dishes taste strange. However, the more times people eat the more addicted they will be. What an odd culinary!

Central Vietnam has a large number of beautiful beaches

Owning a long coastline, the Central is blessed with many beautiful beaches with fine white sand, clear blue water, and extremely charming scenery. If Nghe An has Cua Lo beach, Hue ancient city has Thuan An and Lang Co beach, then Ha Tinh province has Thien Cam, Da Nang has My Khe, Hoi An has Cua Dai, etc. The beaches in the Central every year attracts thousands of visitors here as its beauty.

Da Nang, as known as a well-known city in Central Vietnam is considered one of the 20 cities in the world with the lowest carbon content in the environment. The city is also becoming more civilized and environmentally friendly.

Da Nang also has one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, attractive tourist attractions in the world. Prestigious tourist website TripAdvisor has announced the list of the top 10 most attractive places in the world, in which the place received the most popular and voted by tourists is Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Cheap service, convenient

Don’t be so surprised if you miss a day in the middle of the country, people are ready to invite you to their house for having tea, feed you and even allow you to sleep overnight without asking anything.

Fantastic outdoor events

Of course, there is no Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. but the great outdoors events in Central Vietnam are not inferior. Once every two years, Da Nang fireworks festival is always an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Unlike ordinary fireworks, the international fireworks display is like a “work of art” made by talented artists on the night sky.


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