Grilled Corn with Green Onion Oil


Hue, the imperial land is not only famous by the magnificent mausoleums, the harmonized beauty of nature and the people but also by the cuisine here. It can be said that Hue is truly a ‘gastronomy capital’ for tourists. Whether in the luxury restaurant or sitting at the edge of the road, travelers still feel the full flavor of Hue which is not any other places have. Stopped at Hue, the dinners cannot ignore the chance to taste the good food was attached to Hue. We will show you one of the most Hue favorite dishes!

Grilled Corn with Green Onion Oil is a familiar dish that you can find anywhere. Especially, when coming to Hue, it is not difficult to realize that this dish is one of the most attractive dishes in the capital.

The fresh corn with round big corncobs is grilled through and then folded neatly. When customers order, the seller sticks on a layer of onion grease and put on the coal stove to continue to grill. Hot coal stove, the smell of corn baked aromatic, the smell of onion grease is fascinating to incredible. After only a few minutes fanning the fire, the corns are cooked ripe, burned edge, rising fragrance.

It is not difficult to find the most popular place selling grilled corn with onion oil in the capital, because you will encounter a row of dozens of street vendors opposite the gate of Hue University of pedagogy, on the sidewalk of Le Loi street, Dinh Chieu, and Trang Tien bridge. The ideal location is the first thing that makes this street always crowded.

Diners can choose baby corn or old corn to taste before baking

The aunts, the owners of the burden stand closing to each other to make a piece of “grilled corn street” only about 200 meters long but always busy and crowded. Many customers usually eat at the right burden street they often eat, because each burden has a mixture of onion old separately. Yellow butter, chopped green onion, garlic, chili, fish sauce are diluted to create a sweet, pungent taste. Corn is sprinkled onion grease is also more aromatic than the grilled corn without onion oil, unlike the North. The spice also has the use of quenching the fire of charcoal, to avoid being scorched outside when the interior is still not ripe.

Besides the corn, the burden here also grilled sweet potatoes, squid, dried fish to serve customers. Therefore, although only a few square meters of pavement, there are groups of customers sitting on it to chat with each other. Each plastic chair in the middle placing a dish with a variety of grilled goods with a bowl of spicy chili sauce.

About the sweet potato, selected sweet potatoes are usually the garnet sweet potatoes. When peeling the roasted sweet potatoes you will see the yellow inside it, which is sweeter than ordinary ones. Cowfish, squid, yellow fish are soft baked rather than dry when trying the food, customers still feel wet. Fish is cooked after being cut into small pieces to fit your mouth when eating. This snack is served with a bottle of water because of the characteristic spicy chili sauce of Hue people.

The vendors are served from dawn to midnight, attracting many tourists because in Hue there are few stores open late. Corn and fish are priced at 8,000 VND, while potatoes can be expensive or cheaper depending on the size. If you do not like to eat on the sidewalk, then you can buy and take home or eat while having a night walk.

Only a bowl of fish sauce with aromatic onion, sauce and then sprinkle on corn. Sitting on the charcoal stove, the feeling of smelling the smell of corn, the smell of onion, salty sauce, along with the cold air makes people ecstatic. Corn is grilled on the stove, sometimes, the corncobs pop making the merry crackling. Sitting on the sidewalk in the “grilled corn street” when it was late, listening to the silly story with sweet voice is an exciting experience for many visitors when traveling in this ancient citadel. Don’t hesitate to travel to Hue to have a chance try this delicious but rustic dish.


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